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Field Day Setup

On Field days I often use a windom antenna for 10m-80m. The windom is an off-center-fed dipole, fed at 1/3 of the overall length. The overall length is about 41m (135ft). In spring 2010 I have used this antenna at strand Horst, see the picture below.

HAM radio - Windom antenna at Strand Horst.

Another antenna I use on field days for VHF is a four elements cubical quad from CUBEX. Although this antenna is a great performer on itself, I have used two of these antennas at the river the Waal near Nijmegen in a stacked array.

HAM radio - Cubical quad antenna at the river the Waal.

During pentacost 2010 I went, together with fellow radio amateur Edwin PD2U, to the highest point of Luxembourg near the town Troisvierges: the Kneif at 560m (1837ft) in the most Northern part of Luxembourg. We have been testing two stacked four-elements cubical quad antennas on VHF which worked quite well. On HF we have been working with a deltaloop antenna for 20m and the windom antenna for 10m-80m. See the movie below (13.5MB WMV-file).

HAM radio - LX/PD2U/P at the Kneiff in Luxembourg

As you can see in the movie it was a beautiful day in May on which we worked several ON stations on VHF, and were even able to use several Dutch repeaters over 200 km away as well (the VHF repeaters of: Amersfoort, Apeldoorn and Geleen).
Using the windom antenna we also worked several Dutch radio stations on 20m and 40m. The rigs we used were the Yaesu FT-857 and the Yaesu FT-897, with their original handheld microphones. Both mobile transceivers ran on solar panel charged battery power.

More field day movies can be viewed on my HAM radio movies page.
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